Can a Generator Be Used for the 5-Start Learning Process? ma-35

Technical Questions  


I have very limited access to “shore power” (utility provided) to complete the 5 starts for the learning process. I do have an 8000/10000 watt generator with a 120v-30amp output. Would this generator power suffice for the learning process.
After installation I plan on using a 2000 watt generator.


If you were to use your 8000W generator to carry out the 5-start learning process in place of a utility source, that would be totally fine.



Micro-Air recomends Shore Power for the first 5 learn starts,  I don't have that option at this time.  What are the ramifications if I run my AC without the shore power?  
I believe I read/heard that the system can be reset (once I get to shore power) but so far have not found how to do that in the instructions.


The instructions on how to reinitialize the EasyStart's 5-start learning process can be found in the installation manual and guides

In cases where you have no utility power available and subsequently have no choice but to use a generator to conduct the 5-start learning process, always make sure that when conducting the 5-start learning process, any ECO mode is turned OFF and all other auxiliary loads in the trailer are also turned off at their circuit breakers - most especially the converter/battery charger.

After the 5-start learning process is completed, ECO mode can be turned back on.


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