Can I Use A Generator For The EasyStart 368 Learning Process? ma-49

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I just noticed that the EasyStart 368 typically requires "5 learning starts" on utility power.That isn't an option in this case.

Is there a jumper to bypass or a way to force it on generator?


Here are the trade-offs and realities you'll have to contend with.

The very first learning start is the most critical.
It is this start that may be the one to make or break your entire attempt at learning on a generator versus on utility power.
This is because the start current reduction during this first learning start is only about 40% (and not the 65-70% you'll get when the learning is done).

Therefore, if your A/C will not start at all on generator without the EasyStart, there is a chance - probably lower than 50% - that it will be not be able to do the first start with EasyStart. Chances are, it should work, but we cannot guarantee it given we don't know anything about your generator. If it doesn't work, the compressor will stall on this very first learning start and the EasyStart will immediately shut it down.

The EasyStart will then keep re-attempting this same first learning start on subsequent starting attempts, by design, because it never worked and it won't allow itself to progress through the 5-start sequence unless the previous start was successful and the associated data was collected.

Second, there is a jumper on the EasyStart that prevents the learning process and keeps the EasyStart using a "default" starting ramp profile and parameters, which really corresponds to the first learning start.
We NEVER recommend that customers use this unless they are trying to do some troubleshooting.
In your case, I would not recommend this either.

So, it's up to you if you want to take the chance on it.


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