Does The Easystart Adapt To A Window AC Unit Easily? ma-37

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I am interested in your soft start unit and was wondering if it would adapt to a window ac easily?

  • I have a generator that is 1600 watts running and 2000 watts surge.
  • The ac unit is 12K BTUs.
  • The ac unit compressor will not start.


Yes, the EasyStart 364 is adaptable to a window A/C unit. The wiring is basically the same as any other air conditioner. The only challenge may be finding enough space inside of the A/C's enclosure to mount the EasyStart.
Fortunately, the EasyStart is IP65 (fully weatherproof), so you can mount it just about anywhere inside. We do require though that it not be mounted directly in the hot air exhaust.

As far as your generator goes, we have confirmed reports and test data that customers have been able to start and run their A/C systems on Honda EU2000i, Yamaha EF2000iSv2, and Westinghouse 2000iXLT.
If your 2000W generator is a different make and model than these, we cannot guarantee that it will work since not all 2000W generators are built alike.
Some cannot sustain the necessary wattage to support even a 12kBTU A/C, especially on a hot day when the steady-state wattage may exceed 1600W.


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