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Do you have any experience with this brand generator used with the Micro Air soft start on a 13.5K A/C ?

Quip-All 2200I 2,200 Watt Gas Portable Inverter Generator (CARB)

Unfortunately, we do not have any direct or customer-reported experience with the Quip-All 2200I Generator.  From studying its user manual online, it appears to only have a rated output of 1700W and the 2200W is labeled as a "starting wattage", although there are some mix of terms used in the manual.   This differs from the Honda EU2000i in that its 2000W rating is listed as a "maximum wattage". 

Our experience has found that generators that list their higher wattage rating as "surge" or "starting" wattage cannot maintain wattage between their "rated" wattage any this "surge" or "starting" wattage for any duration of time.  In such cases, the generator will declare an overload fault once it exceeds its rated wattage output.  The Honda EU2000i generators are totally different in that they have a "rated" wattage of 1600 and a "maximum" wattage of 2000W, and they can certainly maintain steady-state output up to 2000W indefinitely without declaring an overload fault.

We've tested our Honda under such conditions, even over 100°F.
Hundreds of our customers have as well.

The above described difference is important because most 13.5kBTU and certainly every 15kBTU rooftop A/C can exceed 1700W for their steady-state amperage draws, especially in extremely hot weather.  So, using an EasyStart will certainly allow you to start this A/C on this generator, but the generator may not be able to keep it running.

So in conclusion, we cannot reliably predict if the Quip-All will work for your particular A/C application given the risk that it may declare overload the moment you surpass 1700W.  We are therefore not certain of what it will do.

We apologize that we cannot offer you a more definitive response.  If you already own this Quip-All 2200I generator, you can perform a load test by rigging up a special power cord that allows you to measure the output amperage exiting the generator with a clamp-on current probe (see attached photo). Then you can keep adding load to see what happens when you exceed 1700W  (14.2A @120VAC) and are operating closer to 2220W (18.3A @ 120V).


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