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Fault Indication for EasyStart 364 With Clear Cover

EasyStart is used in many applications where power sources are marginal. Troubleshooting problems with weak power sources are problematic and time consuming. EasyStart adds diagnostic indication to help users determine what problems are occurring. It also avoids any damage to compressors or EasyStart as a result of a problem.

EasyStart models feature a clear cover to allow users to see the power and fault indication without opening the box.

Count the lights and note the locations to determine the type of fault detected. EasyStart 364 clear cover models feature fault LED lights, which are found in a certain sequence whenever a fault occurs. The transparent cover allows for visual problem-solving.

LED Troubleshooting Indications Table for Model 364 (115 and 220 volt models):

UPDATE: If you recieved a new UL 364 model with a single indicator light, Please use the EasyStart 368 LED Indicator Lights - Clear Cover Model article for troubleshooting.


LED Location: bottom/center inside of the unit where wiring harness enters. CLICK TO VIEW LOCATION CLOSEUP D21 D22 D23
Power Interruption   ON ON
Stall ON   ON
Over Current   ON  
Overload/Klixon Open ON    
Line Voltage is >160V (pertains to –X20-IP 120V model only) ON ON  
Start winding not detected-EasyStart is improperly wired ON ON ON
Unexpected Current     ON


  • Power Interruption: Power was lost for several AC cycles of power and EasyStart shut down. This fault will also occur if power is applied before the 3-minute restart timer has expired.
  • Stalled: EasyStart is not seeing the condition where it can declare that the compressor is running and connect the compressor directly. This fault can be caused by an improperly sized or bad start capacitor in some systems. Note: RV systems are universal and do not have problems related to the start capacitor sizing. Stalling is usually a wiring related issue in these systems. This is also a problem that can be caused by the output voltage collapse on generator power due to high altitude or engine performance problems. Follow the steps in the “Verifying power to EasyStart” section.
  • Over Current: Compressor run current has exceeded the maximum value allowed by the device. Be sure the EasyStart you are using is rated for the compressor you have connected. Contact Micro-Air for help with this fault.
  • Overload / Klixon Open: The compressor overload in the common winding connection is open. This indicates poor air/water flow (i.e. overheated condenser) or a problem with the compressor.
  • Line Voltage: The 120V-only RV EasyStart (-X20-IP) cannot be used in 220V applications.
  • Start Winding Not Detected: One or more of the following wiring problems has occurred:
    - The orange wire is not connected to the start winding.
    - The Compressor Start winding is open.
    - Line L2 is connected to the compressor start winding.
  • Unexpected Current
    EasyStart sees a large current immediately after connecting its start capacitor. Verify the wiring then perform a re-learn on the unit and monitor for additional faults. For persistent faults after re-learning please contact Micro-Air for assistance.

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