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EasyStart 364 LED Indicator Lights - Clear Cover Model

Fault Indication for EasyStart With Clear Cover

EasyStart is used in many applications where power sources are marginal. Troubleshooting problems with weak power sources are problematic and time consuming. EasyStart adds diagnostic indication to help users determine what problems are occurring. It also avoids any damage to compressors or EasyStart as a result of a problem.

EasyStart models feature a clear cover to allow users to see the power and fault indication without opening the box. The fault LED will flash whenever a fault occurs. Count the flashes to determine the type of fault detected.

LED Troubleshooting IndicationsTable:

  Steady Green Operating Normally POWER (D35):
A steady green LED indicates power to the board. It is not an indication of a problem.
  1 Red Unexpected Current FAULT (DS1): Unexpected Current
This fault occurs when EasyStart is first powered and a high current is detected. There is most likely a wiring problem that must be corrected before attempting another start.
  2 Red Over Current This fault can occur during the start or while the compressor is in operation. Run currents in excess of 23 amps on 364 or 30 amps on 368 will cause a fault. Faults during a start can mean a wiring or compressor problem.
  3 Red Short Cycle Delay

Short cycle is used as an indication that power was removed then reapplied before the short cycle timer had expired. This fault will clear itself and start the compressor when the timer expires. This fault will be shown from the time the compressor stops until it is allowed to restart.

Firmware revisions B21 and earlier have a five minute timer. Revisions B22 and newer have a three minute timer. The firmware revision can be found on top of a relay inside EasyStart. It will read ”FRM B23” or something similar.

(NOTE: Cutting JP2 disables the short cycle timer. This should NOT be done in most systems and can cause stall problems during the start.)

  4 Red Open Overload Open overload indicates the compressor overload has opened. This fault is typically caused by a condenser problem such as blocked airflow or no water flow.
  5 Red Stall Stalls can occur both during start and operation. This can indicate a collapse of line voltage, improper wiring or a bad compressor or run capacitor.
  6 Red Wrong Voltage An EasyStart 364 configured for use only on 120-volt systems is being used on a 230-volt system.
  7 Red No signal from start winding The orange wire is not connected to the start winding or the start winding is open. Check for wiring errors or loose connections.

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