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I went to install the 364 today on a Penguin II, but the connectors supplied in the extra kit were missing some of the necessary parts. For example, the on-line manual calls for two end splices, but there was only one, if I use the supplied 12 AWG connectors to make a butt splice instead of an end splice then I'm missing a connector for the white wire and left with an extra yellow male connector.  See the attached photo for what was in the kit. Also, why does the black splice wire have a straight connector attached? Why doesn't the kit have a tie wrap anchor which is shown on one of your manuals.


A new Generic EasyStart 364 Installation Kit was relaeased for purcahse in our web store and you may have purchased an older Penguin II kit.

To use the kit, connect the following:

Connect the large yellow male connector to the brown wire from EasyStart and plug in the white wire that goes to the compressor. You will remove that wire from the “C” terminal on the run capacitor. Be sure to remove the correct wire by following it from the compressor.

Connect the small blue connector to the orange wire from EasyStart and plug it into the HERM terminal on the run capacitor. This is the terminal that has the red wire from the compressor. It should not have any other connections other than these two wires when you are done.

Connect the yellow female connector to the white wire and connect it to the “C” terminal on the run capacitor with the other white wires.

Cut the supplied wire I half. Remove the blue wire from the compressor relay and plug in the angled connector end. Plug in the blue wire into the male end of the wire. Connect the remaining 3 cut ends together using the end splice.

The tie wraps are used to maintain a neat installation. This arrangement allows you to remove EasyStart if desired.


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