How Do I Test My EasyStart Wiring On Shore Power? ma-57

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I wired all three of my EasyStarts into my RV rooftop A/C units.  Then I did my 5 learning starts on shore power. The A/C is working great.  
Does that mean that my wiring is done right before I leave for my trip, or do I need to test my A/C on the generator first?


You can often start and run on shore power even if your wiring is not 100% perfect.  We always recommend that you test your EasyStart-wired A/C on the generator you plan to use with the A/C. But we can tell you this:  EasyStart software programs compressor starts allowable not more often than once every 5 minutes.  It’s a feature we installed to protect your A/C compressor.  To test whether your wiring is right, try this.

After your 5 learning starts, set the A/C to a desired temperature and allow it to reach set point.  Then, set the temperature immediately to the lowest setting.  If your A/C starts in a couple of minutes, your wiring isn’t 100% correct.  A “do over” is in order.  Using our EasyStart’s new transparent cover and its diagnostic lights, you can diagnose the problem right away and set things right.  
Of course, the direct test of A/C units run on generator is the most fool proof.


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