I think I Have 3 Start Capacitors! Now What? ma-42

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My air conditioner is a Dometic Duo Therm model 57915.621. Looking closer at my actual air conditioner I believe I see three capacitors. It appears the one on the left is a start capacitor, the center one could be a fan capacitor as it has a brown wire connected to it, and the one to the far right laying horizontally appears to be the run capacitor.

It appears I have an early Brisk AC (mid 1990s). 

I'm not certain on how to proceed with the wiring giving the three capacitors.


Here is a way to wire EasyStart to any compressor which works for your old model as well:

  1. All compressors have three wires connecting them to the capacitors and control system. Rooftop AC units are typically Red, White, and Blue or Black for the third wire. Locate the compressor and identify the three wires. Red is "S", White is "R" and Blue or Black is "C". If your colors are different, contact us at www.Micro-Air.com and we will advise further. All connections should be made at the capacitor and NOT at the compressor. (Exception: Sometimes the blue or black wire does not run near the capacitor. In that case, find an easily accessible location to make that connection.)
  2. Follow the White wire to the silver run capacitor and disconnect it. Plug the WHITE wire from EasyStart into the top of the capacitor where you removed the white wire from.
  3. Connect the BROWN wire to the white wire you disconnected in step 2. Connect ONLY the two wires together using an end splice.
  4. Follow the red wire from the compressor back to the silver run capacitor. Leave the red wire from the compressor and disconnect any other wire that is connected and remove it. Sometimes this wire goes to a PTC and is molded into this small device. Just follow the other wire connecting that device and disconnect it from its connection. If the wire connects to a screw terminal, just loosen the screw and remove the wire.
  5. Connect the ORANGE wire from EasyStart to a terminal on the same group as the Red wire from the compressor.
  6. Follow the Black or Blue wire from the compressor and cut it at a convenient location. Strip the two ends and the end of the BLACK wire from EasyStart. Twist the three wire ends together and crimp them using an end splice.
  7. Do 5 learning starts on AC mains power. There is a five minute short cycle delay between start. You do not need to wait to restart the compressor however the compressor will not start until the delay has expired.

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