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Is the 366 board the same as the 364 board?

I was guessing that it was and that I could mount the 366 board in an enclosure mounted on the outside of the aircon and route the wires inside and would only need room for the cap if needed. 

Do you know the approximate size of the cap required by the 366 board?

Is it different then the cap required by the 364 board?

ANSWER: Manufacturing Specific 

The EasyStart 366 is meant for OEM applications. Given its lower cost and higher complexity, Micro-Air will be unable to provide detailed technical support to DIY customers for single installations. Thank you for your understanding. 

Commerical Information: EasyStart 366 Board Only - Commercial Information


The EasyStart 366 board is not the same as the board inside of the EasyStart 364. They have different geometries and connection points, each custom suited for either electric box installation on standoffs (366) or mounting inside of the custom IP65 enclosure (364).

Electrically and functionally, the EasyStart 364 (-X36) is equivalent to the EasyStart 366 (-X05).  

If you wanted to use the EasyStart 366 and mount it in its own enclosure outside of the A/C unit itself, you certainly could do that. The dimensions of the EasyStart 366 board are listed on its website page at this link.

The start capacitor best suited for your 12.5kBTU portable A/C is 88-106MFD/250V (CAP-110-X00).

This is the same start cap that is inside of the EasyStart 364 ASY-364-X20-IP.

The other EasyStart 364 variants use different start caps.


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