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EasyStart™ Installation FAQs  

What is re-learning?

The re-learning process simply clears the EasyStart memory and returns it to as shipped condition. EasyStart should be re-learned whenever a compressor is changed or if pressures were not allowed to equalize during the learning process.

To re-learn EasyStart, remove power and open the EasyStart box. Locate the 6 pin header shown in the jumper usage section of this manual and place the shorting jumper over pins 4 and 6 as shown. Start a cycle with your thermostat with the compressor powered from AC mains and allow EasyStart to start the compressor. Remove power once the compressor starts and replace the jumper to the stored position over pins 3 and 4. Replace the cover on EasyStart and complete at least 4 additional starts.

Be sure to allow time for pressures to equalize between starts, usually 3 to 5 minutes. Be sure to remove the jumper from pins 4 and 6 and replace it to pins 3 and 4 immediately after the FIRST start and after power is removed.


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