What Is The Peak Power Wattage Needed To Run A Home AC Unit? ma-55

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I am interested in your easy start products for running an a/c on a generator. I have a 5 ton Rheem unit. It requires: RLA 28.9, LRA 175, 208 - 230 volts. 

My generator produces max 9000 watts. Would need to reduce LRA to 40 amps so generator can start a/c unit.

Can any of your products get me into that range of 40 amps on this a/c unit?


I think we can look at it a little differently using EasyStart. What you actually need is a generator capable of running the air conditioner continuously and not so much starting under 9000 watts.  One I looked at said it runs 9000 watts max output and only 7100 watts continuous output. This equals 29.5 amps output and your RLA is 28.9. This generator would be too close to its limit for comfort since hot days and higher elevations can cause the generator to put out less. With this in mind, please check to see that your generator can handle the continuous load you are asking it to. If you are sure it will handle it then an EasyStart ASY-368-X72 will start the air conditioner.


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