Will EasyStart Help My AC Unit on a Fifth Wheel? ma-33

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I was wondering if your product will help me I have 2 15000 btu a/c units on my fifth wheel I was thinking this would help on starting and I may be able to reduce the size of generator I need.


Yes, installing an EasyStart on your two 15kBTU air conditioners should allow you to reduce the size of your generator and you would even be able to operate both 15kBTU A/Cs on a 30A utility hookup.

Granted, the total wattage required by twin 15kBTU systems would not leave much headroom for other appliances on a 30A cord, but being able to carry out such operation demonstrates the powerful capabilities of the EasyStart.

You'll need to budget about 1800W for each of your 15k systems, so that is 3600W total.
Beyond this, you would need to budget for your appliances (refrigerator, water heater, microwave) and your converter/battery charger, and whatever power management you are willing to live with.

The good news is that you will not need any extra generator capacity to account for the startup of your A/C units since EasyStart will reduce the starting surge to be only a few amps higher than the steady-state power requirement of the A/Cs.


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