Will EasyStart Work on My Freezer or Ice cream/soft serve machine? ma-63

EasyStart Customer Asked Questions  

The short answer is most likely not as these applications use expansion valves that do not reduce pressure after they turn off. They always require the full torque of the motor on startup. EasyStart (nor any starter) can provide a benefit.

The more in-depth answer below:

EasyStart was designed primarily for air conditioning systems. These systems typically use an orifice between the high- and low-pressure sides of the system. The orifice bleeds the high pressure after the compressor stops so that pressures in the system are equalized after a few minutes.  This is important since the next start will be mostly unloaded and we can control the speed of the start to reduce the current.

Freezer systems often use a non-bleeding expansion valve between the high- and low-pressure sides of the system. This valve holds pressure against the compressor rotor which then requires maximum motor torque to overcome. Making torque requires a lot of peak power which cannot be reduced. This is an application for a hard start capacitor which helps increase the torque for faster starts. This may or may not make it possible to run on a generator and it will not reduce the peak current.

The only options for these systems to be able to use EasyStart is to change the expansion valve to a bleed style valve, install a bleed port, or install an equalization valve. These options may not work for all situations and should be discussed with your equipment manufacturer before attempting modification. System design and evaluation is beyond what we at Micro-Air are able to provide.


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