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Applicable to RV Rooftop Air Conditioners

Some RV owners worry that their installation of an EasyStart 364 might in some way void the manufacturer’s warranty on their rooftop AC unit’s compressor motor. Legally, it shouldn’t. But you never know what a manufacturer might assert. Micro-Air is quite confident that its product cannot damage your compressor. You can google the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act and the voiding of warranties for adding an aftermarket part. The aftermarket part needs to have a causal effect to void the warranty.  

Worry no more!  We offer an inexpensive Extended Warranty covering your AC unit’s compressor motor for the duration of your AC manufacturer’s warranty if it will not cover the repair or replacement of the compressor under warranty.

RV Rooftop AC Extended Warranty

If, during the air conditioning manufacturer’s warranty period, your air conditioner experiences any compressor motor failure not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and caused by the EasyStart 364, Micro-Air will, at its option, repair or replace your compressor motor or rooftop air conditioning unit.

The warranty will only be effective during the original manufacturer-supplied warranty period for the air conditioner and shall not exceed the period of the Micro-Air two-year limited warranty. The remedies of repair or full replacement at Micro-Air’s discretion, shall be the sole remedies for any warranty claim. Replacements will be made with the same or comparable compressor motor or an entire unit of equal BTU capacity.  The Purchaser must notify Micro-Air of any defect or malfunction in writing delivered by overnight delivery or certified mail and received within the warranty period in order to secure repair or replacement of the product.  The Purchaser must return the damaged air conditioning unit to Micro-Air or its agent at the Purchaser’s expense so that it is received within one day of the expiration of the warranty period.

The Purchaser expressly, voluntarily and knowingly waives any and all claims for consequential damages, which are expressly excluded from this warranty. This Warranty is ineffective if the purchaser or any user damages the air conditioning unit or compressor in the Purchaser’s possession or fails to use the air conditioning unit or compressor as directed, misuses or abuses the unit or compressor, submits the product to unreasonable use or otherwise uses the product in a manner other than as intended.

Disputes, if any, arising under this warranty shall be resolved solely and exclusively in the agreed sole court of competent jurisdiction: the Superior Court of New Jersey, County of Monmouth. Claims under this Warranty shall be permitted only if a party suffers “actual damage.” Actual damage is limited to the lesser of the cost of repair or replacement of the compressor motor or air conditioner in Micro-Air’s discretion. Consequential damages are excluded from this Warranty. The parties agree to apply New Jersey law to any disputes between them. Attorneys’ fees, if any, shall not be subject to recovery but shall be borne by the respective parties in the event of filing of any legal action or claim by a consumer or other party claiming under this limited warranty or in any other lawsuit or claim.

If purchased, this Extended Warranty shall create certain rights and duties between the parties which shall be in addition to and shall not be exclusive of the Limited Warranty appearing on the Company website.


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