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EasyStart Model Selector

  • Our EasyStart™ Model selector takes the guesswork out of choosing the best soft start model for you. 4 simple questions are setup to help guide you through the process for either RV, Marine, Home or other applications.
EasyStart™ Model Selecor
Micro-Air Dealers

  • Our Dealers and Distributors are very important to Micro-Air and to our customers. They are there to provide advice on products, installation services, and repair services. In many cases, they can also provide discounts on Micro-Air products that they sell.
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Returns or Repairs

  • A 25% restocking fee is required on allowable non-defective product returns. All orders are to ship UPS/FedEx/USPS prepay. All returns must be authorized in advance with an RMA number.
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EasyStart User Guides and Videos

  • View our official Step-By-Step EasyStart™ installation videos created by our expert engineers. Read or download installation guides, specification sheets, Trouble shooting guides and more...
EasyStart User Guides & Videos
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