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Can I save money by replacing two or three single zone thermostats with Micro-Air's multizone thermostat for the same brand?

You definitely CANNOT save money trying this solution.

Is your idea possible to engineer and build? Yes, but at a cost that is not worth the effort.

To do so using your same air conditioners (Option B) you would need:

  • Two or three new multizone circuit boards for each air conditioner ($340 to $510)
  • Daisy-chain wiring between the air conditioners ($100)
  • Different wiring to run from the RV rooftop down to the new multizone thermostat ($100)
  • A single EasyTouch RV WiFi multizone thermostat ($249) and
  • An RV Tech to undertake the approximately 5 hours of rewiring, electronic and carpentry work required ($600+)

When you weigh the cost of two EasyTouch RV DIY thermostats (around $249 each today) versus the cost of the above (at least $1399), it is easy to see the economy in buying a second thermostat and dropping it in yourself. (And there’s no dust involved!)

In one case, our customer already had his RV unit pulled apart for a rebuild, and he felt it was worth it to follow Option B rather than replace two working RV AC single zone units with two new multizone units to get the control he sought.

Cost Analysis: $500.00 versus $1400.00