EasyStart Knowledge Bank

What Is The EasyStart Bluetooth Module?

EasyStart Soft Starter models that end with -BLUE in the part number include our built-in Bluetooth module for remote troubleshooting assitance.

The Bluetooth module is designed to provide diagnostic feedback to our engineers if needed. Please note that the Bluetooth module does NOT allow you to control your AC unit.

EasyStart Soft Starter Bluetooth Features: Troubleshooting Module
  • All available through our free phone application (iPhone and Android).
  • Convenient on-Demand firmware updates when available.
  • Built-In Technical Support Submission features.
  • Troubleshoot issues remotely and safely without having to take anything apart.
  • RV customers can now stay on the ground to start the troubleshooting process, no more climbing up onto the RV rooftop.
  • Need to move EasyStart to new air conditioner? A simple remote one touch process is all it takes to allow our soft starter to "learn" the new unit.

Browse to our: EasyStart Bluetooth Manual