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Can An Easystart Be Used In All Electric Situations? (50amp or 30amp)

Are the Easystart soft starters only for use if a RV/Motorhome is going to be using a generator?

In other words can an easystart be used in all electric situations i.e.: 50amp, 30amp, Generator?

Even when we are on 50 amps it seems that the heat pumps start up very rough/hard and just wondering if it would do any good? Last question; what all has to be bought?

The starter, control display and control board?

Yes, the EasyStart 364 can be used in all situations, utility power and generator. It obviously provides its benefit of dramatically reduced startup amperage with all power sources. Besides the most sought-after benefit of being able to start and run a single A/C on a 2000W generator like the Honda EU2000i, many other customers also purchase EasyStarts so they can run 2 A/Cs on a 30A hook-up (or two 2000W generators), when normally a 50A hook-up would be required.

Also, EasyStart provides sophisticated compressor fault monitoring during steady-state operation that protects your compressor better than any OEM factory configuration. We believe EasyStart can and does extend the life of any compressor.

Besides the EasyStart 364 itself, you only need some miscellaneous crimp terminals to accomplish the wiring, and some fasteners (sheet metal screws) or 3M double-stick foam tape to mount the EasyStart. It is IP65, so it is fully weatherproof.

We offer a low-cost installation kit for those who don't have easy access to the necessary crimp terminals and foam tape.