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What Is The EasyStart Bluetooth Module?

EasyStart soft start models that end with -BLUE include our built-in Bluetooth module for remote troubleshooting assistance.

The Bluetooth module is designed to provide diagnostic feedback to installers at the AC unit and to our engineers if needed. Please note that the Bluetooth module does NOT allow you to control your AC unit as that is a function of the thermostat and AC control board. Instead, it serves as a sophisticated diagnostic feature.

EasyStart Soft Starter Bluetooth Features: Troubleshooting Module
  • Available via our free smartphone app (both iPhone and Android).
  • On-the-spot diagnostics for installers and owners.
  • Built-in technical support submission feature allowing remote diagnostics at Micro-Air.
  • Troubleshoot issues remotely and safely, no disassembly needed.
  • Convenient on-demand firmware updates OTA when available.
  • Need to move EasyStart to a new air conditioner? Our simple remote one touch process allows our soft starter to "learn" the unique properties of the new unit's compressor.

Browse to our: EasyStart Bluetooth Manual