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Will EasyStart reduce my utility bill?

Some electric markets have moved to peak demand charges. The reason for this is that uncontrolled sources like solar and wind energy are feeding a greater portion of the market and these sources are not under the control of the electric company. The electric company must however keep enough resources available to feed the grid if these sources go off line. Peak demand is a new way for them to get paid for the power they need to keep available but not use.

If you are in one of these markets, EasyStart will reduce the peak draw substantially. Typical draw on a five ton air conditioner can exceed 36,000 watts but with EasyStart, it can be reduced to less than 12,000. Your peak demand charges would reduce significantly.

If you are not in a peak demand market, EasyStart will not save any money on your bill but is still can provide benefits like reduced surging and brownouts, quieter starts, and operation on smaller power sources.