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How do I reduce the peak start current after installing EasyStart? Why is it not lower?

We get questions like this often because of a few misconceptions about the product and current measurement. Defining a few things will help us answer the question.

EasyStart RV Bluetooth is a diagnostic app meant for technician use.
The currents and values shown are to help our technicians assist you in diagnosing problems in the installation. It was not designed to be a user app or monitoring system. There are things you can change like disabling faults that should only be done with the advice of our technical staff.

Generator peak output ratings are not important when using EasyStart.
Generators are rated for a peak output for some unspecified period. One major manufacturer rate some of theirs for 1/2 hour while other manufacturers give no indication of how long it will produce the peak. All generators we have tested exceed their peak rating for the brief period where the A/C compressor is starting by some margin. Not enough to start them without an EasyStart but enough that the generator peak current rating is not relevant. We only check that the generator can handle the normal running current and never check the peak output rating when recommending a generator.

Peak currents shown in the app are a single cycle peak and do not reflect what peak current a generator needs to produce.
A single cycle is a very short duration, most sources can handle this short burst. We use it in diagnosis to determine the worst case current only.

Handheld amp clamps often cannot measure the peaks accurately.
Many meters, even those with a with a peak reading function, have a very hard time measuring the complex waveform created by modifying the current through the run winding. The amplitude of the current changes radically through the cycle so many measurements are needed over a short time. Most meters average the value they find over a few measurements or just detect the highest peak. Neither method is representative of a true RMS (Root Mean Square) measurement which must have many measurements taken over a short time and calculated.

So, what is the answer?

The current may already be low enough. We recommend running the system on your generator or inverter to test it without being concerned about the current. Further assistance is available from our contact us form if you do have trouble.

Is there any other way to check the system?

Bluetooth users can also send a diagnostic report to Micro-Air and ask! We review the reports we get and can see if the system is acting as it should. Our technical staff will let you know if they find anything you should change or look at.

Why can't that report just be shown in the app?

Some of the data is proprietary and not what we want to share. The data is also quite complicated in that it is not obvious from looking at the graphs and logs just what you are looking at. You must know how the starter works and what to expect to see. We really designed the starter to be connect and go and not something else for you to learn.

Helpful Document: EasyStart Bluetooth Diagnostics Manual (X36, X48 and X72 models only)