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Trouble Shooting Generator Issues In EasyStart Systems

What Else is Drawing Power From Your Generator?

The most common issue customers run into when they have trouble operating on generator is the unknown auxiliary loads in their trailer that are drawing power in addition to the air conditioner.

The average generator may demand upwards to 1750W or even 1900W in extreme heat.
This means there is very little headroom left in a 2000W generator for other loads in an RV or Marine environment.

Seeing The BIG Picture

The best way to understand what's really happening is to use a Generator Load Test Equipment Kit that you place around one of the power conductors as it exits the generator. That way you can see the ENTIRE load the generator is supporting.

As a best practice, customers should:

  • Ensure that refrigerators (4A) are manually switched to propane
  • The hot water heater is manually switched to propane, and
  • Any converter (battery charger) is breakered off or verified to be in float (trickle charge) mode.

2000W is 16.7A, and typically we have found that no more than 3-4A can be getting drawn by other loads before the typical A/C attempts to start.

Any more auxiliary load than that, and your generator may overload when the startup takes place - even with the  EasyStart™ soft starter.