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Resolving EasyTouch RV Thermostat Bluetooth Issues

This troubleshooter was developed to help get your thermostat connected to your smartphone app via Bluetooth. If you open the app and see account access error messages, please see our EasyTouch RV Account Troubleshooter also on our web site.

1. Make sure you have the correct app:
  • The app is called “EasyTouch RV” in both the Apple app store and in Google Play with an RV icon to identify it. There is a version for our marine thermostat with a boat icon which is different from this app called “EasyTouch”.
2. Verify permissions:
  • Android: Press System settings-> Applications-> Apps-> EasyTouch RV-> Permissions. Make sure all permissions are turned on.
  • Apple: Press Settings-> EasyTouch RV. Make sure location services are set for “while using the app” and precise location is turned on. Bluetooth must be turned on. Notifications can be turned on if wanted.
3. Verify Bluetooth is turned on:
  • Android: Press System settings-> Connections -> Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is enabled.
  • Apple: Press Settings->Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is turned on.
4. Be sure the thermostat is communicating with the control board.
  • Multi-zone thermostats have a zone indicator in the lower right corner. At least one zone must be green or red. If all zones are gray, there is no communication to the zones and that must be corrected first.
  • Single zone thermostats will show an error indicating lost communication to the control board. Please identify the problem and fix that before proceeding.
5. See if the device is visible by Android (Android only):
  • Press System settings-> Connections->Bluetooth. Verify that your EasyTouch thermostat is shown in the available devices column. If it is not shown, go to the thermostat and press “Restart” (versions and above). Some thermostats may need to remove power from the thermostat and restore power using power wire removal or flipping the breaker.
6. Clear the password from the thermostat.
  • Press the settings gear on the thermostat and navigate to the Bluetooth Icon. Press it and follow the prompts to reset the password.
7. Determine if the app can hear the thermostat.
  • All devices: Open the EasyTouch RV app. If you are not logged in or you have not created an account you must do so now, then continue. Apple only: press the Bluetooth icon. Press the settings gear then “add devices”. A screen will open and show any thermostats that can be heard by the device.
  • If none are shown then close the app and try cycling power to the thermostat as described in step 5. Then, repeat from step 7. If the device is still not heard then we recommend trying a different handheld device using the above steps. If the device is still not heard then contact Micro-Air for more assistance.
  • If you have not added the thermostat to your account, you may do so now by selecting the thermostat and entering a name for it.
8. Try a connection.
  • Press the back button to return to the selection screen. Press the name of the thermostat and see if it will make a connection.
  • If it does not make a connection, remove the thermostat from your account by swiping it left (Apple) or with the trash can (Android). Add the thermostat back to the account by using settings-> add device as described in step 7. Once added, try connecting again.
9. Remove power from the thermostat.
  • Many thermostats plug in using a connector behind the thermostat or have push pin connectors for power. Remove power from the thermostat for 30 seconds then restore power. If your thermostat is direct wired, you can remove or open the 12VDC fuse or breaker, respectively, for 30 seconds then retore it. Retry steps 7 and 8 after completing this step.
10. Try a different device
  • Install the app on a different handheld device and see if the device is able to hear the thermostat. If so, attempt a connection on that device. Once a thermostat is added to an account then you can log into the app to access it from any device. If that is unsuccessful, there is probably a security setting or permission (in your smart device) that is set so the EasyTouch app cannot access the Bluetooth module. Some settings can be specific to the device in Android systems. Consult the manufacturer or your documentation for more information.
11. Contacting Micro-Air.
  • If you have difficulty with any of the above steps, please contact Micro-Air by submitting a Technical Support Request to our Engineering Support Team. Select “Technical Support Team” and “EasyTouch RV Thermostat”.

    ** Please include your thermostat model number and serial number with your question along with the models of the handheld devices you used to attempt to connect.