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Updating the EasyTouch RV Thermostat

The EasyTouch RV thermostat must be connected to the internet to update. Updates are performed by connecting to the thermostat using the EasyTouch RV smart device app. Connect to the thermostat and navigate to "Check for Updates" and follow the prompts. Updates are made to improve performance, enhance features and to fix firmware problems.

1. Check for WIFI:
  • Make sure the green WIFI symbol is at the top center of the thermostat main screen. If it is not there, use the app and connect over Bluetooth to create the WIFI hot spot connection between the hot spot and the thermostat.
  • If you do not have a WIFI hot spot, you can use a phone hot spot for the update. If this is the same phone that you are using the app on, then you must use Bluetooth in the app to talk to the thermostat.
  • If you have trouble connecting to WIFI please see our WIFI troubleshooter.
2. Open the app on your smart device:
  • Updating requires connecting your smart device to the thermostat. Select the thermostat from the selection screen then press the settings gear once the "loading" message disappears. Press "Check for Updates" and follow the prompts.
3. Check if the update is working:
  • The app will return to the selection menu once you send the update request.
  • Most thermostats will show "Downloading" and a counter on the screen once the update starts. The update should take about a minute, up to five minutes depending on internet speeds. The thermostat will restart after the update is completed. If you do not see the counter, and the thermostat restarts in about 15 seconds, try again after the thermostat restarts.
  • Early versions of thermostat firmware before will not show anything on the screen while updating. If it quickly restarts (about 15 seconds) it probably did not update. If it restarts after about a minute, wait until the green WIFI symbol reappears before making any changes. If nothing happens after 5 minutes then go to the last section "What if it does not update after 5 minutes?".
4. Check the new version:
  • Press the settings gear on the thermostat then press "Help". The new firmware version will show in the screen (example You can also tap "Check for Updates" again in the app and it will tell you that you already have the latest firmware.
What if it does not update after 5 minutes?
1. Restart the thermostat:
  • Press "Settings" -> "Restart" on the thermostat before trying the update again.
2. Try the other connection type:
  • Initiate "Check for Updates" from WIFI (if you can, see section "Check for WIFI") instead of Bluetooth or vice-versa.
3. Try a different hotspot:
  • Some connections have a delay between the server and thermostat that can affect the download. Try using a phone hotspot or different WIFI if repeated attempts fail.
4. Try again later:
  • Internet ping times speed and load varies though out the day. It is important to have a good WIFI signal and speed for the update. Some customers have had success trying again at a later time.