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EasyStart 364 Goes Transparent, Enabling Visual Diagnostics

Allentown, New Jersey, June 18, 2019 - Transparency became a catchword in American politics over the years. Today, Micro-Air, LLC announces that its EasyStart 364 became transparent too — revealing its colorful, little “3 light diagnosis sequence secret”. The clear cover 364 is available now and will be showcased at the Wally Byam International Airstream Rally at Doswell, VA beginning July 20, 2019.

EasyStart 364 Clear Case  EasyStart 364 Indicator Lights

“We’ve always delivered a durable plastic case for our product: strong, easily mounted and--perhaps most uniquely--waterproof! It protects your EasyStart investment that in turn protects the investment you’ve made in your rig and air conditioning,” said Russ Thomas, Chief of Operations at Micro-Air.

EasyStart is the electronic soft start product that gently ramps the start of an A/C unit and reduces power in rush as it turns on an A/C compressor. The product permits starts on low power sources like 2000-watt generators. “But with our solid cover case, you couldn’t see these lights we had inside. They light in sequence helping to diagnose problems,” said Thomas. “We were keeping our little 3 light sequence secret” from your view with the solid cover.” Now, with the introduction of the transparent cover, THE MICRO-AIR SECRET IS OUT!

The lights assist the installer in diagnosing problems in operation. One light means: overload. Three lights means: improper wiring. The chart below shows six combinations of what the lights mean. Micro-Air’s eCommerce Manager Marc Gerardi said “It’s a bit like a sandwich shop menu. One from Column DS21 with one from Column DS23, means stall. One from Column DS22 with one from Column DS23 means power interruption and so on. The chart helps immensely.” The complete list can be found on Micro-Air’s website in the “Checking Trouble Lights” section of the EasyStart Advanced Troubleshooting Guide PDF (pages 8 - 9) including explanations.

EasyStart 364 Troubleshooting Chart

With the arrival of the new transparent cover, THE SECRET IS OUT! Peering through the clear cover tells the consumer or installer the all-important story. These problems can now be visually diagnosed: 1) power interruption, 2) stall, 3) over current, 4) overload/Klixon open, 5) line voltage, and 6) improper wiring. Whether at installation or later in the life of your A/C unit, trouble shooting is now made that much easier. Although the EasyStart Trouble Shooting Guide should be consulted simultaneously, below is an “at a glance” chart that explains the meaning of the light sequences.

The EasyStart was conceptualized, designed, manufactured and tested all in the U.S. at Micro-Air’s Allentown, New Jersey plant, situated an hour from either New York or Philadelphia. The Company prints its own circuit boards as shown in this video below showing the production line in operation.

About the EasyStart™ 364
Micro-Air’s EasyStart™ is an electronic soft starter that permits the starting of RV rooftop air conditioning on low power sources such as small solar inverters, conventional generators as small as 2000 watts, and on 30-amp shore power. The EasyStart™ enjoys unparalleled customer support. It boasts of its exceptional ability to be used on solar inverters and its one-of-a-kind waterproof case.

About Micro-Air
Micro-Air designs and manufactures total control systems for applications in the RV and marine industries. If you’ve been aboard a pleasure boat from 25 – 200 feet, chances are the air condiitoning system was controlled by Micro-Air. From the time of its infancy as a garage operation in 1983 to the current manufacturing plant in Allentown, New Jersey, the Company has been a design innovator and maintains an unparalleled institutional knowledge of the recreational air conditioning industry. Micro-Air treats its customers and employees like family and prides itself on customer service.

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