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Micro-Air, LLC To Expand EasyStart Distribution to Japan - Chilling In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Allentown, New Jersey, May 29, 2020Micro-Air today announced expansion of its global reach into the Asian continent with a Japanese Distributorship granted to Right Stuff Trade LLP (Right Stuff RV). The importer/exporter of RV towable trailers has an established presence in the country and is building a network of RV dealerships there. The Canadian-based company exports trailers made by Canadian manufacturer Roulottes ProLite Inc. (ProLite RV). In Japan, a country where 15-amp grid service is standard, the well-known benefits of an EasyStart 364 are not only recommended, but it is also a requirement. Without it, the start of even a small 11,000 BTU AC unit on available power is impossible under most circumstances.

Micro-Air CEO Andy Spaziani said “Micro-Air started in an Ocean County, New Jersey garage and now we can be proud of our international presence with Distributors and Dealers ranging from Japan, Thailand, and Canada to Australia, England and Greece, just to name a few.”

Right Stuff RV’s CEO Naomi Takahashi reports that “smaller roads in Japan, coupled with a 100v power (15-amp) grid and special licensing requirements to tow trailers above a certain weight combined with the existence of only a single towable trailer manufacturer in country, make the ProLite RV and its lower BTU ACs the “right stuff” for the Japanese market. But even the low BTU A/Cs of the manufacturer need the EasyStart to be fully functional.” The Company begins with five dealerships located throughout Japan. They range from the northern island of Hokkaido to the southernmost location of Kyushu Island near Kumamoto. The remainder of the dealerships are located not far from Tokyo and in the mountains near Mount Akagi and its famed hot springs. An additional dealer network build out is planned.

The popularity of Japanese camping in trailers and RVs is a growing phenomenon among Japan’s citizens, who refer to drivable RVs as “camper cars.” At 16 feet, the Toyota Camroad Class B-C is about as big as you will find in RVs on the islands of Japan. “Towable trailers are an outstanding and less expensive alternative to purchasing an entire vehicle,” said Takahashi “and a small travel trailer reflects the dedication to minimalism so prevalent in today’s world. It also may be used as a shelter in the event of natural disasters.”

The problem: low power sources can’t start many AC units—not enough juice. The solution: EasyStart 364, the electronic soft starter. In the United States, electronic soft starters lean toward aiding in the use of small generators. In Japan, the campgrounds and weaker national power grid are the mark.

The US power grid supports 220v and 110v power—enough to start any 11,000-15,500 BTU air conditioner. At only 100v (15 amps), utility power in Japan cannot support the power needed to start the compressor motor of an AC unit from a dead stop. The (more or less) standard RV rooftop AC sizes installed by manufacturers in the US are either 13,500 or 15,000 BTUs. Starting amperage needed for those units ranges 49 amps --- and up--- making a start on standard grid power in Japan an impossibility. But with EasyStart, the 11,000 BTU and up units have no problems starting.

The made-in-the-USA EasyStart 364 is a sophisticated instrument that -- between a combination of software and hardware -- reduces the power in rush requirement from over 50 amps to under 14 amps. That makes cabin comfort possible in Japanese camping at the beach, in the mountains and everywhere in between. And it does so by dismissing the first base problems of a 15-amp power grid! Right Stuff will sell into the RV, Home/Solar and boat markets and its dealers will be trained for installation, marketing, and sales by the Micro-Air corporate office in Allentown, New Jersey.

Right Stuff can be reached at:
Right Stuff Trade LLP
204 6th St. Suite3, New Westminster, BC
Canada V3L 3A1

About the EasyStart™ 364
Micro-Air’s EasyStart™ is an electronic soft starter that permits the starting of RV rooftop air conditioning on low power sources such as small solar inverters, conventional generators as small as 2000 watts, and on 30-amp shore power. The EasyStart™ enjoys unparalleled customer support. It boasts of its exceptional ability to be used on solar inverters and its one-of-a-kind waterproof case.

About Micro-Air
Micro-Air designs and manufactures total control systems for applications in the RV and marine industries. If you’ve been aboard a pleasure boat from 25 – 200 feet, chances are the air condiitoning system was controlled by Micro-Air. From the time of its infancy as a garage operation in 1983 to the current manufacturing plant in Allentown, New Jersey, the Company has been a design innovator and maintains an unparalleled institutional knowledge of the recreational air conditioning industry. Micro-Air treats its customers and employees like family and prides itself on customer service.


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