6 & 8-Cond Display/Comm Cables

6 & 8-Cond Display/Communication Cables

Micro-Air manufactures all of the display and communication cables used for its cabin controls, chiller controls, and sensors. All of the cables have "reversed" connections.

Display cables for certain legacy products require special cable and connectors from the Amp® SDL series. These products include the ECU/AH-Maxx cabin controls and the Hydromatic I chiller control.


Cable Specifications:
-- 7 insulated conductors with 1 drain wire
-- 5 insulated conductors with 1 drain wire
-- Foil Shield
-- PVC jacket
-- #24 AWG
-- 60°C rated

Connector Specifications:
8-position, 8-contact RJ-45 modular
8-position, 8-contact Amp® SDL
6-position, 6-contact RJ-12 modular
Gold-plated contacts

Model Number(s):
-- SUB-031-Xyy (8-cond RJ-45)
-- SUB-006-Xyy (8-cond Amp® SDL)
-- SUB-059-Xyy (6-cond RJ-12)

yy=length in ft.
Standard lengths (ft): 2,6,7,10,15,20,25,30,40,50, & 75
CAB-006-x00 (7-cond+drain, flat, shielded wire)
CAB-003-x00 (5-cond+drain, flat, shielded wire)
CON-004-X00 (RJ-45 Modular plug, 8P8C)
CON-003-X00 (RJ-12 Modular plug, 6P6C)

All raw wire sold by the foot