FX-Maxx Control Display Designer Series

FX-Maxx Control Display Designer Series

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The FX-Maxx Control Display Designer Series is a unique legacy offering only from Micro-Air. The Designer Series is functionally compatible with the standard FX-Maxx Control Display. It was originally introduced by request for high-end megayacht applications where décor and upscale appearance were critical to owners. The hinged door hides the control and obscures ambient light emanating from it when not being adjusted.


-- Identical look and wall cutout to the original ECU-Maxx and AH-Maxx Control Displays
-- Easy-to-read and bright 7-segment LED display
-- Clear, individual mode, fault and fan speed indicator LEDs
-- Simple 6-button interface for operation and programming
-- Integrated interior temperature sensor
-- 8-pin RJ-45 Display Interface
-- Color: White

Model Number(s):
-- ASY-385-X02