FX-Maxx Control Display

FX-Maxx Control Display

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The FX-Maxx Control Display is Micro-Air's long-standing cabin control standard for both self-contained and split DX systems and for CW air handlers.


-- Identical look and wall cutout to the original ECU-Maxx and AH-Maxx Control Displays.
-- Easy-to-read and bright 7-segment LED display
-- Clear, individual mode, fault and fan speed indicator LEDs
-- Simple 6-button interface for operation and programming
-- Built-in inside temperature sensor
-- 8-pin RJ-45 Display Interface. Legacy SDL interface also available.
-- Available in black or white

Model Number(s):
ASY-385-X01 (black)
ASY-385-X09 (white)
ASY-385-X01SDL (black with SDL connector)
ASY-385-X09SDL (white with SDL connector)