High-Pressure Timer Switch

High-Presure Switch Timer Control

The High-Pressure Switch Timer Control provides the necessary shutdown time delay before the compressor is restarted. This protection is not often provided by a standard HVAC control system or by a standard thermostat. It replaces the solid-state/DIP switch timer in the compressor contactor circuit with a much more versatile and programmable device.

Powered from 12-24V AC or DC, the High-Pressure Switch Timer Control provides three dry-contact outputs: a pilot-duty alarm and two 10A power relays.


-- Adjustable shutdown time after high pressure fault
-- Adjustable recovery time after compressor restart
-- Fault lockout feature after 4 consecutive high-pressure faults that re-occur within the recovery time after each compressor restart
-- Alarm output and power relay output can be used to indicate an alarm and to shut down power to the entire system

Model Number(s):
-- ASY-610-X01