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Basic EasyStart Trouble Shooting

I installed an EasyStart a while ago. Everything was working, but now it's not. What can I check?

Here is a quick checklist of things to look at:
  • Is the breaker turned on?
  • Is the thermostat set to cool?
  • Is the thermostat temperature set below room temperature?
  • Does the thermostat show an error message?
  • Are all your wiring connections still securely connected?

I've checked the basics, but it still isn't working. What next?
Troubleshooting is a bit of a process, but let's see if EasyStart can help. EasyStart models have trouble lights under both their clear and solid cover that can indicate a problem. Some models flash while others have three lights. Turn on power and set the thermostat to start the compressor. Wait a few minutes if your system typically takes time to start the compressor then look to see if the lights are on within three minutes of compressor start attempt.

I have a rooftop air conditioner. How do I check the lights?
Rooftop models are a bit harder since the cover also serves to channel the air through the cooling fins of the air conditioner. Leaving it off can cause an over current or a stall even in a properly operating system. We recommend removing the fasteners that hold the top and removing the top only right after the compressor has stopped. If EasyStart has shut off the compressor, the lights will remain lit for three minutes. If the lights are off, then the thermostat has most likely stopped the compressor because EasyStart has no power.

Note: If you are having a problem where the compressor stops less than a minute after starting, or is not starting at all, then you can check for lights with the cover off.

I checked but don’t see any lights?
This means EasyStart has no power. This can be a wiring, breaker or a thermostat problem. You will probably need to call a repair person or facility to have it checked further. You can also view our advanced troubleshooting manual for more troubleshooting advice.

I see there are lights on but what do they mean?
Lights can be decoded using either the 364 guide or the 368- guide depending on your model of EasyStart. They are also outlined in the advanced troubleshooting manual.

Power interruption is a common fault which means the short cycle timer is active. It can happen if the compressor was turned off and restarted less than 3 minutes after it shut down (five minutes for older models). Please wait five minutes with the system off before starting the compressor when checking for trouble indication.

I have the light information and see what could be wrong, but I am not sure what to do next?
  • We encourage you to visit our Knowledge Bank for additional troubleshooting information. There are advanced resources that can often help resolve any problems.
  • You can contact one of our dealers on our Find A Dealer map
  • You can also contact us for assistance here at Micro-Air. Please let us know which system and manufacturer you are working with, what trouble lights are on if any, and a brief description of the problem by submitting a Technical Support Request to our Engineering Support Team.

Please provide the following information when contacting a dealer of Micro-Air:
  • Air conditioner BTU rating, Make and Model
  • Power Source (shore power/generator, make/model/continuous watts)
  • Trouble light indication
  • Current Elevation (feet above sea level) and Temperature

You may be asked to securely provide photos after a Micro-Air team member responds to your support request. We usually request pictures of the wiring box that are wide enough to see the entire electric box and where the four EasyStart wires are going. The top of the run capacitor and start capacitor and a picture of your factory wiring diagram are also helpful.