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What is Learning?

Conventional A/C units that EasyStart is compatible with all operate on the same principles. That said, each A/C unit has a little bit of its own unique characteristics, due to many factors over many varieties and manufacturers. As a result, EasyStart was developed with a "learning" algorithm to adapt to an A/C unit’s unique qualities. This allows for the most reduction possible as your EasyStart is custom fit to your A/C unit's needs.

EasyStart is ready to learn out-of-the-box. EasyStart will collect its learning data on the first 5 starts of your A/C unit. This can be done by simply letting your A/C unit cycle naturally for a few hours. Once complete, you can know that EasyStart is doing everything it can to give you the best starts possible.
What is relearning?

Relearning is simply restoring EasyStart back to its factory settings, ready to learn again. This is often never needed to do, however, there are some scenarios where you should relearn your unit:
  • The compressor run capacitor has been replaced.
  • EasyStart is going to be connected to a different motor (A/C) than originally learned on.
  • EasyStart was at one-point mis-wired, then fixed, and is now throwing faults.
  • Initial learning was done on a power source that could not provide a good learning environment.
  • Contact Micro-Air if you are not sure using our Support Ticket System
Relearn Procedure

Some EasyStart models are sold with Bluetooth and some without Bluetooth. Each has their own procedure for initiating a relearn. These procedures are NOT interchangeable. Verify which model type you have before attempting to relearn.

EasyStart Bluetooth Manual

Relearning non Bluetooth models requires that the water-resistant cover be removed for this process. When the re-learning steps are completed and you are ready to reinstall the cover, be sure the seal is properly placed inside the groove in the cover. DO NOT over-tighten the four screws as this may compromise the watertight seal or crack the case.
EasyStart 364 Relearning
EasyStart 368 Relearning